An adorable girl’s skirt made from a vintage pillowcase

I love Pinterest! I probably spend a little too much time pinning new favorite recipes, craft ideas and projects for the kids. Recently, I came across a post by Craftaholics Anonymous for a pillowcase skirt. I’ve seen tons of pillowcase dresses, which are pretty but also pretty much everyone knows how to make one by now.

Having a handful of skirts for your little girl is the perfect clothing piece when she just doesn’t want to wear a dress. Luckily, my three year old will wear just about anything I put on her. I love the idea of being able to throw a t-shirt and skirt on her and we’re off to the fabric store, grocery shopping or lunch with Daddy. You can even put some leggings under, if it’s a bit cooler. Or dress it up with a nice blouse and tights!

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I made my first pillowcase skirt. I’ve included step by step pictures and easy instructions. You should have basic sewing skills, because I pretty much only use basic skills. I promise this will be a very simple project, and with basic skills, it will probably take you an hour to complete one skirt. Well, it took me an hour at least, because I have a crazy house full of kids. The best thing about this project is that you can make it in almost any size. If my nine year old wore whatever I put on her, she’d have a handful of them, too.

First, I went to Ebay, Etsy and antique stores to find some vintage pillowcases. You can buy really expensive ones, but you don’t have to. Do a little window shopping and find a price you like. The one featured today cost me $7 including the shipping.

I’m in love with ones that feature cross stitching. They are usually done by hand, which is just amazing in itself. Some even have hand crocheted edges which not only is ready to go trim for you, but also really beautiful. After you pick out your pillowcase, you’ll need scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape and elastic. The size of the elastic depends on how wide you want the waist band to be. I like half an inch. You can add coordinating buttons and ribbon, if you’d like.

Now that you have all your supplies ready (pic 1), you’ll want to lay your pillowcase down lengthwise. The roses are conveniently placed at the opening part of the case, which will be the bottom of the skirt. And, it’s already hemmed for you!  Next, you’ll need to do a quick measure of your baby. This will depend on how long you’d like her to wear the skirt. I prefer just below the knee. I also wanted to make sure I left enough room at the top of the skirt for my decorative buttons (pic 2).

Now that you know the length, add 1.5 inches. This is what you’ll need for the casing of the elastic. If you’re using a smaller width elastic, you can adjust how much you use for the casing. Mark your length with a fabric marker. Now you can cut a straight line across the width of the pillowcase. I’m saving the part I cut off for another project.

Next, fold the pillowcase inside out and make your casing. I like to place my elastic close by to make sure I’m leaving a wide enough casing for it to fit (pic 3). Now you’ll take your skirt to the sewing machine (pic 4). Stitch your casing and make sure to leave an opening for the elastic. Run your elastic through the casing and finish stitching up the casing. I won’t go into how to do this because it’s pretty basic and I’m sure you already know how to do that.

Finally, flip your skirt right side out and add a bow and buttons if you’d like. I also added some lace to the bottom, which is super easy and geez how cute and vintage! Let me know how you liked this project. I’d love to hear your feedback.




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